How to install OCS inventory NG on SUSE 11

-SUSE Linux Enterprise 11.2 on XEN -

-Warning - This is my failure case !!!!! うまく動きませんでした。失敗例です。-

- XEN Virtualized Machine
- Keybord: Japan
- Time zone Asia/Japan
- Runlevel : 3
- Addon Software : Web/Lamp
- Static IP Address
- Fire Wall Disabled
- ipV6 Disabled
- NTP Configured by startup
- Default Software Repositories --> My HTTP:server/sles11sp2


Yast > Network Service > Http server

You may install as it is but ddon't forget "Enable Perl" check box.

-1 Click Install-

open "" > Search "ocsinventory".

As it goes.. Continue...

If there is some dependency problem, Click "Breake.... and Try again".

-Check Prerequirement-

-Apache version 1.3.33 or higher / Apache version 2.0.46 or higher.
-Mod_perl version 1.29 or higher.
-Mod_php version 4.3.2 or higher.
-PHP 4.3.2 or higher, with ZIP and GD support enabled.
-PERL 5.6 or higher.
--Perl module XML::Simple version 2.12 or higher.
--Perl module Compress::Zlib version 1.33 or higher. <---- ?????
--Perl module DBI version 1.40 or higher.
--Perl module DBD::Mysql version 2.9004 or higher.
--Perl module Apache::DBI version 0.93 or higher.
--Perl module Net::IP version 1.21 or higher.
--Perl module SOAP::Lite version 0.66 or higher (optional)
-MySQL version 4.1.0 or higher with InnoDB engine active.
-Make utility such as GNU make.

-Install Perl CPAN Modules-

CPAN modules

These command spend a few minutes for download and make install. You may asked intervew and install by answer 'yes' to continue.

/usr/bin/perl -MCPAN -e 'install XML::Simple'
/usr/bin/cpan -i XML::Simple

also continue... to 'install DBI', 'install DBD::Mysql', 'install Apache::DBI', 'install Net::IP', 'install::SOAP::Lite'. It is CASE SENSITIVE.

-Apache and Mysql startup-

yast > System > Service(run level) E(x)pert.

Select 'mysql', set and start.

-Restart Apache2-

ocsinv:~ # /etc/init.d/apache2 restart
Syntax OK
Shutting down httpd2 (waiting for all children to terminate) done
Starting httpd2 (prefork) done
ocsinv:~ # tail /var/log/apache2/error_log
ocsinventory-server: Can't load SOAP::Transport::HTTP* - Web service will be unavailable
ocsinventory-server: Can't load SOAP::Transport::HTTP* - Web service will be unavailable
[Thu May 02 16:46:34 2013] [notice] Apache/2.2.12 (Linux/SUSE) PHP/5.2.14 with Suhosin-Patch mod_perl/2.0.4 Perl/v5.10.0 configured -- resuming normal operations
ocsinv:~ #

-mysql root passwrod-

ocsinv:~ # mysqladmin -u root PASSWORD new-password

-Begin Install-

open browser

set 'root'/'new-password' and 'hostname'(as localhost) field.

It seems run well...

Check Database

ocsinv:~ # mysql -u root -p
Enter password: new-password
Welcome to the MySQL monitor. Commands end with ; or \g.
Your MySQL connection id is 20
Server version: 5.0.95 SUSE MySQL RPM

Type 'help;' or '\h' for help. Type '\c' to clear the current input statement.

mysql> show databases;
| Database |
| information_schema |
| mysql |
| ocsweb |
| test |
4 rows in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> quit
ocsinv:~ #

-Open Browser-


Change Lanugage by clicking English Flag if you want.

login admin/admin (Default by OCS)


It seem work well.


ocsinv:/etc/php5/apache2 # grep zone php.ini
; Defines the default timezone used by the date functions
;date.timezone =
date.timezone = Asia/Tokyo <---- replace this line
ocsinv:/etc/php5/apache2 # rcapache2 restart
Syntax OK
Shutting down httpd2 (waiting for all children to terminate) done
Starting httpd2 (prefork) done
ocsinv:/etc/php5/apache2 #

-Warning - This is my failure case !!!!! -

Where is communication server ? It's not work..... (/_'_/)~~!/ baaann...
Commication Server が必要。レポート機能だけで何にもできない。 orz....
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